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Here you'll find answers to common questions our clients ask. If you don't see what you need, call us or contact us online.

  1. What type of products and services do you provide?
    Good question! We are a full service shop and offer a wide range of products and services. To see a full listing and description of what we can offer you, check out the Products & Services pages.
    Our Services
    Our Products

  2. Do you send samples?
    Yes. With many projects, we have samples available. Just use the contact form for any sample requests.

  3. Can the templates online be changed?
    Yes. All templates can be 100% customized to suit your company's objectives.

  4. How do I get a quote?
    You can contact us here or you can give us a call and talk with one of our customer service representatives.

  5. What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash, company check and all major credit cards. We can also set up a business account for you, as well. Contact us for details.
Design Process
  1. How long is the design turnaround?
    After a design consultation, you will receive a proof within 24 hours. In most cases, if the order is placed early in the day, the proof should be finished the same day depending on the details that are provided.

  2. Can I provide my own artwork and/or design?
    Yes! You can upload your artwork or you can provide us with photos and design ideas you would like included in a campaign we are putting together for you.
    Upload Your File

  3. How long does it take to finish a project?
    Simple jobs are often completed in less than 24 hours. Some jobs, however, may take several days to complete depending on their complexity and size. We always strive to provide an accurate estimate of the turnaround time for each job we do. And we’ll always work with you to find ways to complete your project when you need it. This is why you have a dedicated Customer Service Representative.

  4. What if we need to change/stop our product after it's been designed or printed?
    The charges will depend on the stage your project is at. We recommend good communication with your Customer Service Representative so if the need to cancel arises, you will only be charged a minimum design fee. 

  5. Can quantities be split on orders?
    No. Due to sheet runs, if your designs vary by even one character then separate runs are required and a separate order sheet will be needed.

  6. Do you keep records of my campaigns?
    Yes. All company information, designs and campaigns are kept for further orders and modifications. We keep all projects on a dedicated server and archived offline for up to 2 years. 

  1. Why do the printed colors look different from the colors on my screen?
    In short, printers and monitors produce colors in different ways.

    Monitors use the RGB (red, green, blue) color model, which usually supports a wider spectrum of colors. Printers use the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) color model, which can reproduce most—but not all—of the colors in the RGB color model. Depending on the equipment used, CMYK generally matches 85–90% of the colors in the RGB model.

    When a color is selected from the RGB model that is out of the range of the CMYK model, the application chooses what it thinks is the closest color that will match. Programs like Adobe Photoshop will allow you to choose which color will be replaced. Others may not.

  2. What is a proof and why is it important that I look at it?
    A proof is a one-off copy of your project after all modifications and printing setup processes have been completed. It is your last and best opportunity to make sure that the print job comes out the way you want. By carefully inspecting the proof, you can help us assure an accurate, flawless delivery of your print job on the first run.

  3. What file format should I use when submitting my electronic document for printing?
    PDF (Portable Document Format) is the most common and preferred file format for submitting digital documents. If you do not have Adobe Reader to generate PDF's, you can download it here for free!

  4. At what resolution should I save my photos and graphics?

    Resolution should be AT LEAST 300 dpi (dots per inch)

    Pictures and graphics pulled from the internet are often low resolution, typically 72 dpi or 96 dpi. Avoid these graphics, as they will appear pixelated (blurry) when printed.

    Read more about photo quality here!

Variable Data Printing (Mailing Personalization)
  1. What is Variable Data Printing?
    Variable data printing is another term for personalization-technology for printing documents so that each piece is personalized to the specific recipient. Instead of delivering a single message to 5,000 customers, variable data printing allows you to deliver 5,000 unique products with customized messages for each of your potential customers.

    Personalizing can be as simple as a unique name and address on every printed piece. But more sophisticated levels can include text or images that vary based on data specific to the recipient, or data-driven graphics such as a pie chart illustrating something specific to the recipient.

  2. What do I need to provide for variable data projects?
    We work with many types of data files, but CSV files are the safest bet. If you are building your list from Excel, save your file as a .csv instead of the default .xls. These are data files that have commas separating each field, and returns separating each line of data. To save time, make sure your data is properly formatted with each piece of data in separate fields.

    Complex projects may require other files, like image files or additional data files. If you are unsure of what may be required for a particular variable project, contact us for a free consultation.

  3. What type of return can I expect from personalized or variable data marketing materials?
    Studies consistently show that personalized marketing receives a far greater response than static pieces.

    On average, the response rate of a static direct mail campaign is around 2%. A targeted, personalized campaign that uses variable data printing can increase your response rate by up to 30%.

    While the cost per piece of variable imaging direct mail is higher, your cost per response is much lower, increasing your return on investment.

Mailing Services
  1. Do you provide mail list services?
    Yes. We offer multiple mailing list service options to reach your best audience. You may also provide your own mailing list. 
    Learn More Here!

  2. What is included in your mailing list services?
    We will take your database and run CASS Certification which checks your lists for address errors or duplicates and we will then update you on any corrections that need to be made. With list management, we will work to clean up your list by using latest software. We process it through NCOA to get your list as clean as can be. This will save you money in printing costs as well as postage. Our mailing list services also include postage cost, addressing your mailing pieces, and post office delivery.

  3. What information do you need for my mailing list?
    Every person on your list needs to include something in the First and Last name or something in the Company column. You also need to have an address, city, state and zip code. If there is an issue with your mailing list, you will be contacted for further information that is needed.

  4. Will I get a mailing verification?
    Verification from the USPS is available upon request. We recommend you place your name and names of people you know in your mailing list for verification.

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